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3D content and video production for BAE Systems Innovation Theatre

BAE Systems - Pepper's Ghost

iDEA studio developed 3D content for BAE Systems which they used in  the “Innovation Theatre “ at The Farnborough Air Show. The agenda for the 8 minute long high-tech show was to highlight elements of the company’s focus on innovation and their latest defence technologies.

Concept of the presentation combined virtual models in a real space with live presenters. IDEA studio created the 3D models, rendered them and displayed them through a holographic effect better known as a Pepper’s Ghost. This is an extremely effective and impressive way of presenting large scale models that would otherwise be impossible to present within an indoor exhibition environment. Featured 3D graphic projection combined with live presenters from BAE Systems, was running throughout the Air Show with over 40 shows a day.
The success of the presentation was confirmed by a fabulous thank you letter we received.  Not only that, the work was given a Bronze Award by Mr Dick Oliver –Chairman of  BAE Systems.

Alan Garwood, Group Business Development Director for BAE Systems commented in his Show blog "I am really impressed by the quality of the briefs our employees are giving, I haven’t heard a bad one yet… The innovation theatre is quite the best thing we have ever done combining video, 3D graphics and live presenters."


Case Study

  • Background

    Fitting Big into Small

    We were chosen to create content for the Innovation Theatre by BAE Systems at The Farnborough Air show. Agenda of the 8 minutes high-tech show was highlighting elements of the company’s focus on innovation and latest defence technologies.  3D graphic projection needed to be seamlessly synchronised with the live presenters for 40 shows running each day.
  • Challenge

    Complex 3D modelling

    Objective of the Innovation Theatre was to develop a presentation and 3D holographic models that would be accurate, look and feel identical to BAE Systems technologies.
    Main challenge of the development was creating the most accurate 3D models and animating all individual components to simulate all the individual performances and capabilities of those technologies.
  • Our approach

    Dedication & Accuracy

    Thanks to our very dedicated team which was recognised by BAE Systems we completed this project with great accuracy. Project development lasted 3 months and in this period we put our heart and soul into the project. 3D modelling and animating is very complex process and without complete dedication cannot be successful. Our approach is complete dedication, with the objective to achieve and reflect in our work all our clients agendas that allows us to create such accurate environments.
  • Solution

    The best ever

    We delivered a solution and content that we are really proud of. With great accuracy and detail for the impressive 8 meters long stage. Our content was presented to all the leading representatives from many governments and with 40 shows a day achieved  fabulous success.
    Entire project was developed and deployed within 3 months.


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