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Penalty Shootout for interactive Floor/Wall

HTC - UK nationwide promotion

We were referred by our partner company Paradigm AV to create an application for an interactive floor branded promotion of a new HTC mobile phone.
Promotion has taken place at a number of shopping centres throughout UK.
Interactive floors were supplied by Paradigm AV -

Emphasis of the promotion was to create an exciting and eye catching game for the participants to take part in. By playing the game - Penalty Shootout - participants would discover all the new features of the new HTC mobile phone.

Game was custom developed as well as all the designs and individual layouts for the interactive floor game/ promotion. By stepping on the interactive floor participants could activate and browse through different features of the new HTC mobile, after browsing through new features participants could take part in “HTC World Cup Penalty Shoot Out” game.

All the interactive promotions are very successful as they are created on the base of  interactive learning and art of visualisation. The impact is directed on the participant’s neuro pathway- making any interactive promotion memorable and the brand message successfully communicated.

 Vivid, imagined events create the same neuromuscular responses as if you were having the actual experience. The more real you can make it the better.  These mental images created in the brain actually stimulate muscular contractions so minute that no noticeable movement actually takes place but the same neuro-pathway is used — establishing a ‘memory’ of that action.


Case Study

  • Background

    The right technology

    Every new product that comes on to the market needs advertising to establish the end user awareness and need for the new product. Best way to create a campaign is to use something new, different and engaging – so in this instance the perfect product was the FX interactive floor provided from Paradigm AV.
  • Challenge

    Interactive Marketing

    To create something really memorable and communicate the entire product benefits it takes much more than to have an interactive surface. This is where we step in and make this surface truly interactive and engaging for the end user (targeted market) by creating  interactive challenges and content.
  • Our approach

    Care and thought

    Each project is different and each new product has different agendas and end user markets. We take great care we establishing the market we are trying to appeal to when creating new advertising campaigns.
    This is the reason why each piece of content is custom designed and developed.
  • Solution

    Custom Game Developed

    Custom developed game, bespoke designs, number of hours spent on the cool animations and transitions to result in great final interactive product.


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