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iDEA Generator™ CMS- Content Management System

iDEA Generator ™ is used as a primary tool for development of professional web pages and applications, it has constantly been upgraded for the past 10 years to follow current and upcoming web standards and innovations. With its powerful and unique tools for content management and editing, the iDEA Generator™ allows users to have great flexibility and ease of use maintaining and modifying the website or applications. The modules ease changing the navigational structure, support multi-lingual content, security modules and e-commerce modules.

Architecture of the CMS is constructed for the ease of use for the client, its interface is based on 3 basic components:

•    Website or application structure / navigation
•    Content editor
•    Media module that allows users to manipulate the media


•    Simple and easy  to use by the end user
•    Fast development of web pages without complex programming
•    Based on Microsoft Windows Platform SQL Server

iDEA Generator ™ Inside

Ease to Use - iDEA Generator™ is easy to use. Everyone can learn how to add and maintain web pages or applications within a few minutes and make changes to web pages without  IT support.


iDEA Generator™ CMS – all the architecture of the generator is crated around security.Every entry is filtered, and every data base is coming through prepared SQL query that eliminates the possibility of the SQL injection.

Users & Licences

iDEA Generator™ is using permission system on the user level that is allowing access control to individual tool or form. Access authorisations can be set up on the individual user or a group level.

Interface & Structure of iDEA Generator™ CMS

User Interface was created with specific attention to simplicity and ease of use with focus on accessibility to all the major tools. This approach simplifies user interaction with the content management system and allows user fast and efficient introduction and use of the system and its capabilities.

Quick Edit ModeQuick

Edit mode is a tool that allows you to modify current content and create new without leaving the page that you are on. This approach allows users to input a large amount of data in a short period of time which otherwise would not be possible. Quick edit mode allows you to open and compare simultaneously a number of different inputs for comparison, duplicating or copying the content.

Media Preview

This tool allows users a quick overview of the uploaded / recorded media related to certain records in the iDEA Generator™ CMS. It allows you fast browsing and over viewing of the related media files and establishing if anything is missing or if everything is correctly uploaded. The media preview also allows you enlargement / zooming of the recorded media in their native size. This tool is connected with an advanced script for dropping the image resolutions which is important for fast loading of web page content rich in media content.

Content Filtering

Content in the form of tables or spreadsheets is possible through a number of filtering tools. This allows the user fast and an exceptionally functional overview of a large quantity of data. Filters are created to the clients' preferences and webpage application functionality.

Organizing and Record Creation in Spreadsheet Order

Data and records in spreadsheet order can be created. Content can be filtered by date of creation, publishing date, alphabetically, by entry order or by the ordinal number. Organising by the ordinal number is the most flexible way of sorting the records and for this we have developed a special tool that allows visual organising by drag & drop technology. It’s used for the organising of data records and multimedia content.

Media Content Upload

iDEA Generator™ CMS has specific module for managing multimedia content as Media Library. Media Library is a tool for the simple control of multimedia files and it is integrated as a tool in Articles Editor so you can add images, videos or any other files at any time.  You will be able to instantly create new groups of multimedia content and records and add your multimedia files to your articles or different content groups.

WYSIWYG Content Editing

Out –of –the –box installation iDEA Generator™ CMS provides and allows all the controls that you will need for content editing allowing you to create and present content as you wish.With WYSIWYG editor and drag & drop functionalities, content author has complete control over the look & feel of content with no need of knowing CSS, HTML or any advanced programming language. If you are able to use any text editing program, you will be able to use iDEA Generator™ CMS. Images and files can be added through drag and drop interface and the look and feel of pages and templates are completely adjustable to your preferences and desires.

SEO- Search Engine Optimisation

iDEA Generator™ CMS  allows you to be 100% in control of content on your page. In contrast to other different systems that require learning of complex tools for thematic management of your site and application, with iDEA generator CMS™ you are working with the tools where you do not have to have knowledge of HTML. In a few minutes you can create content that will be exceptionally well positioned on different search engines. iDEA generator CMS™ allows you to create your own keywords and descriptions for SEO for each individual input on your site and update them at any time. System is especially developed for great results on search results and incorporates features such as URL rewriting.

iDEA Generator™ is a web based Content Management System (CMS) that is used by large and small corporations, businesses, government institutions and non-profit organisations.