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Interactive Floors for Environmental Education

Coca Cola Interactive Education

Coca Cola interactive Floor Application was designed and developed for Coca Cola's program to promote Green Planet and Recycling. As we are keen on promoting and creating all the “Green Agendas” and believe that every little bit helps we were happy to put some of our creativity into the game development.
Considering education starts from an early age where learning should be fun we used an interactive floor campaign which was rolled out in many schools to promote the importance of recycling as there is no better way for children to learn than through a game – interactive floor application was designed as a seamless, simple game for children to play and take in its messages.On the interactive floor there were lots of  recycling bottles that the children when playing needed to place in the recycling bins.
Once the bottles were placed in the recycling bin facts about recycling appeared:
  • It takes 500 years for a plastic bottle to decompose in landfill
  • It takes just 6 weeks for each bottle to be recycled and to come back as a new bottle
  • All coke bottles can be recycled into new bottles, or caps, or hoodies, or laptop bags….the list is endless!
  • Recycling one of our glass bottles saves enough energy for an extra 25 minutes on your computer
  • It takes just 6 Thanks for saving my life! In 6 weeks I will be back as a brand new bottle
  • You’ve just saved enough carbon to power a light bulb for 6 hours
  • Just five bottles recycled is enough to make a T shirt!
  • It takes just 6 weeks for each bottle to be recycled and to come back as a new bottle

Case Study

  • Background

    Interactive Education is fun

    We are always keen to contribute and create meaningful content that really makes difference.
    Big corporations like Coca-Cola with their power can make and raise this awareness, so we were really pleased to create and develop this game that would surely be a great step in changing kids' approach on how important it is to recycle.
  • Challenge

    Create easy learning

    Creating interesting and challenging games for children that will not only allow kids to have fun playing but really make an impact on children and educate them why is it important to put effort in to recycling.
  • Our approach

    Getting the facts across

    When we were approached to create interactive floor game for Coca Cola – we really took the project seriously and not only custom designed the game but really created a memorable environment that communicated the facts well.
  • Solution

    Playful & Interesting

    Solution is always combining the interesting and playful with education through interactive learning.
    Benefits-  “The interactive environment makes use of varied learning styles, so that students who typically prefer to read and listen instead do something with the information, collaborate with others or create something new. Because students are engaged with the materials rather than simply memorizing the information, the learning is deeper and more lasting. More engagement means more time is spent on the learning task. Students cannot daydream or disengage in an interactive environment” .


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