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3D Holographic presentation displaying new Rolls Royce engines

Rolls Royce - Engine Presentation

Rolls Royce holographic engine presentation was designed for Vis Pod / Vibe Pod units.The unique capability of this technology is that the 3D image actually floats in space. This effect makes this unit really stand out as the system projects an HD holographic 3D image up to 90cm out from the screen with 3D image sizes up to 30cm.Units such as Vis Pod are commonly used for business exhibition presentation or in clients business premises so key objectives of the content production for the holographic displays is that the content is presented in a very dynamic way to capture the audience’s attention.

Content production for this presentation covered all the elements from company 3D intro, 3D product presentation to 3D product benefits.  Content production consisted of 3D modelling, rendering, 3D animating and a fair amount of CGI work to deliver an eye capturing presentation that portrayed all the product benefits. 


Case Study

  • Background

    Creating modern approaches

    New technologies and eye capturing novelties are something we are always interested in.
    Out of that interest and our curiosity to create the most stunning and cool creatives we have started intensively working with our partner companies who sell the most innovative hardware but need us to create the most interesting and state of the art content.
  • Challenge

    Modern advertising techniques

    When you have to cover all the objectives and product information in a short / snappy advertising style presentation, getting the right dynamics is always challenging. Final product needs to be interesting and dynamic so the client communicates all the product messages to it’s audience.
  • Our approach

    Analyse and identify

    Analyse the dynamics, materials, and put the effort in to find out what would really work and capture the attention of the audience. This is the key to every successful presentation.
  • Solution

    Clever content

    Content production consisted of 3D modelling, rendering, 3D animating and a lot of CGI work to deliver eye capturing presentation that communicated all the product benefits in a 04:30 minute presentation.


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