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What We Do / 3D, Video, Graphic

3D Modelling & Rendering

Today, 3D models are used in a wide variety of fields- most people relate CGI -3D computer generated graphics  to film and  gaming, completely unaware of its wide use in many different strategically important  industries. 3D models allow you to visualise, create and design an environment or product and present it in the most realistic way. By animating products or environments we can simulate their behaviour in the most dynamic and capturing way.

The secret lies with the quality of the original modelling process. Detailed modelling, rendering, reflection and shading provide the base you need to gain all the benefits possible from your investment, once completed they can be used for a miriad of purposes and on many different media technologies.

These processes differentiate the quality of work and the final look & feel of the product. This is where we have mastered our skills- to deliver simply the best, most realistic and stunning models and environments.   

3D models are used in the medical industry for detailed models of organs, the movie industry uses them as characters and objects for animated and real-life motion pictures, documentaries for reconstructing and presenting events, the video game industry as assets for computer and video games, the science sector uses them as highly detailed models of chemical compounds, the architecture industry to demonstrate buildings and landscapes, the engineering community for designs of new devices, vehicles and structures, the earth science community for 3D geological models, maritime science for presentations of  oceans,sea beds and sea-life behaviour,  space science- for all the planet behaviour and visualisation.

But more importantly - You can use it to create anything you want.

3D models simply allow you to imagine, create and design an environment or product and present it in the most realistic way.