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IDEA STUDIO MMA* // Multimedia Marketing Agency™

What We Do / Web & Graphic

Development of Web Games & Management of Prize Competitions

Online games or web games have expanded significantly in the past few years. The main contributing factor to online games is fast broadband and wireless connections that have allowed users to play and join many online game portals. The online gaming industry has achieved phenomenal success and growth.

Games can be designed and developed to cover many different objectives and targets from educational games used as interactive learning , entertainment games , product launches or promotions. Essentially games are a fabulous marketing tool as users play the game for fun while yor are simultaneously promoting your product or service. This type of marketing strategy often results with a very high and long term impact on users.

All our games are custom developed to achieve the best results from the targeted audience.So far we have developed quite a few web gaming portals that were combined with prize winning competitions. All the projects have successfully reached their targets:
  • Happy customers

  • Increased sales

  • Created and collected user database – ideal for new campaigns

  • Established communication between brand and consumer

  • Brand loyalty created

Online competitions are normally run for a set period of time, throughout this period we gather and manage all the statistics, conditions and communication with the consumer. The client can access realtime data at any point and plan further marketing stategies based on daily, weekly or monthly data. But best of all they traditionally boost sales of all the products offered by whoever is running the competition.

Web games combined with prize winning competitions are a real magnet for users and fabulous marketing tool.