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IDEA STUDIO MMA* // Multimedia Marketing Agency™

What We Do / 3D, Video, Graphic

Product & Packaging Design

On current competitive market with thousands of products where many of them are having the same functionalities or substances- it is very hard to know difference between them if we haven’t done our research, read about the product or get  referral for it.  So our first point of contact with product is the visual perception of it. Majority of us are attracted to things that we find visually appealing and attractive. Researches show that even if we pack exactly the same item, containing exactly  same ingredients 90% of us will choose to select item with more appealing package even  paying  more for it.

Fact is we simply don’t have enough time to analyse everything around us – on majority of instances we select things instantly  and visually.

Good product & packaging design have to satisfy certain criteria: product usability, suitability for its purpose, insure its availability in its economical sense. Of course if all of this is supported by the great product design and acceptable price product sales are insured.

Good product packaging and design sell the product. Majority of items we choose we visually select.