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IDEA STUDIO MMA* // Multimedia Marketing Agency™

What We Do / Web & Graphic

Facebook Pages, Tabs, Mini-web,Apps, Games & Advertising

If you would like to reach the 800 million people that use Facebook - you need to become a part of the network. Facebook is a place where a huge number of internet users spend a lot of time which makes it ideal for advertising and making the most of your marketing strategies.
iDEA studio MMA offers services for creating and publishing your site on Facebook , advertising, development of Facebook applications and games or prize competitions to attract users to your products and services.

Facebook Page

Company, product or service profile with all the information and photos

Fan-page, Tabs + Mini Apps

Used for product promotion, announcements and invitations to events.

Integration with your web page

Facebook pages need to be linked and integrated with your own page, all the joined content needs to be synchronised and offered on both sites with the joined applications suitable for each publishing place.

Facebook Games & Prize Winning Competitions

A great tool, as they virally spread with users inviting their family and friends to participate – so in no time at all you have access to whole new bunch of customers. Most importantly the games need to be entertaining and fun and tailored to the promotion or item to achieve the best results. You just need to call us and tell us a bit about your product or service and let our imagination do the rest.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Adverts provided CM Photographic with the ability to target its exact demographic — female/ male, age , relationship status, location- all of this allows us to create very tailored campaigns to ensure that your product is advertised to the right audience.
For a bit of inspiration have a look through some of our Facebook games!

Your customers are on Facebook so if you really want to reach your customers and new consumers it’s time that your company, products or services get seen on social network sites.