IDEA STUDIO MMA* // Multimedia Marketing Agency™


3D, Video, Graphic

Our modelling, rendering and film production team combined with our expert graphic designers allow us to create everything from futuristic holograms, Pepper’s Ghost effects, stereoscopic content, product videos, TV commercials, interactive games to company logos, stationary, web banners, brand toolkits and brochures.

There is no limit to our imagination and creativity using 3D and you would be surprised just how many different ways there are of displaying 3D models and animations.
3D models are used in a wide variety of fields from the medical industry for detailed models of organs, the movie industry that uses them as characters and objects for animated or real-life motion pictures, video games, science sector to present chemical or physical reactions, architecture industry to demonstrate proposed buildings and landscapes, engineering community for designs of new devices, vehicles and structures, the earth & space science sector for 3D geological models and space.

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