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IDEA STUDIO MMA* // Multimedia Marketing Agency™

What We Do / 3D, Video, Graphic

Video Production,Editing & Post Production

Film / Video production is our passion.  We produce a wide range of films for key industries from government departments, music videos, documentaries, stunning product presentations to web ads. We provide everything for video and photo shooting, create and produce everything in house that is needed for video production to create video materials for any format, broadcast and display needed. From large displays, theatre shows, TV, to specific screens and resolutions.

We are highly skilled and well experienced in creating imaginative scripts, specialist visual effects, 3D modelling and animation, graphic design, producing high resolution, and ultra high resolution materials all the way to multi-screen camera post productions.

Video Content can be created by using raw materials from real life images, photo shooting, live-action shooting and footage to computer generated graphics. All these visual elements from separate sources are combined together through compositing into single images, to create the illusion that all of these elements are parts of the same scene.  To create simulation and dynamics, different visual effects are applied, 2D & 3D animations created, and to all of that we add edited and composed text and sound.

The only thing you need is to tell us your story, what you would like to accomplish and relax- leave everything else to us. Alternatively you might have some raw materials, or a good story but you need someone to put it all together and bring it to life.

For good film / video production you need good director, good story, good production and a good cast. As a result you get a good audience.