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Mobile web for iPhone, iPad, Android, Symbian, Windows mobile

Why do you need a mobile web ?

In today’s busy lifestyle Smartphones and Tablets allow us to access information anywhere. Not only that, they have become an essential tool for many –  they allow us to utilise time when travelling or waiting and can quickly access data. Instead of carrying a laptop it’s much easier to carry a lighter tablet or just have your smartphone with you or if you are too lazy to wait till you computer starts up. This simply means if you want your service or product to be accessible on them you need a completely mobile website or an additional version suitable for Smartphone’s and Tablets which is tailored for quick and easy navigation when using mobile devices.

Dizajn mobilne inačice weba za Nacionalni park Krkam. mobile web

Mobile web is an additional website that has been developed in parallel to your main site but perfectly adjusted for smart phone browsing. Mobile web is normally published on a sub domain and the title is often m/ name of the domain or other way around name of the domain/m. We create mobile webs for  websites where the main site does not allow being directly displayed as a mobile web version. For example if you have a fabulous  Flash web – we would  then create a mini mobile web that contains all the data as your main website.
Examples of websites with m. mobile web: Nacionali park Krka or  Val produkcija

Mobilni web dizajn za Rimac AutomobileCompletely “mobile“ web

If the need arises for a completely mobile web based on the technology it will be used with – we can develop a website that is completely adaptable for displaying and use with the screen display, Tablet or Smartphone.
This type of the website is available for mobile phones but dependant on the phones screen display size and capability (for example some older BlackBerry models are limited when it comes to web browsing).

A good example of this type of the website is the one that you are on have a look at the site on an iPad or Smartphone or another example

Don’t worry about which solution is better, the answer depends on what you currently have, what would work best for your business. The what and how you can leave to us.

With the boom of smart phones on the market, it’s not enough to just have a website.
You really need to have website that is suitable for everyone on the go and the technology that they are browsing on.