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Multi Touch Tables

The magic itself its not in a table but in intelligent and  clever content developed for them.This is where we step in.

Few years ago multi touch tables where real wow on the market, however it was slightly to early for them and technology was simply a bit limited at the time.But times move on and technology advances rapidly each day. This days capabilities of multi touch tables are simply endless, but to get the most out of technology,  application is the one that actually changes that table into structural daily tool  or great entertainment or sharing.

So whether its a Bird Table, or impressive  chain of multi touch tables for museum that together create one long interactive timeline-tell us what you would like and we would crete and develop  application that will exceed you expectations.Our portfolio is extensive unfortunately we can't  openly  show you our entire portfolio as many of our projects are protected by clients confidentiality agreements  and applications are created under clients brand names.

Just give us a call 01780 729 520 or e-mail us if you would like to find out more.

Multi touch tables are fun and engaging.Apart from fun and engaging there is much more that they are capable of.