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E- Commerce Development

To develop an online shop requires the same process of thought and planning as to physically fitting out and equipping a store- albeit you are doing this for a virtual shop .First of all it’s a decision and planning process that defines targeted audiences and the type of shop we are planning to have: are we looking to have a “high street shop”, “boutique” or “department store”.

Once we have identified this crucial question we enter into the design and planning stage of the development process. Design is created to suit the type of shop the client wishes to have,design will determine - look & feel  and  the behaviour  of all the shop layouts .Once this is all in place we start two parallel processes one is shop development with all it’s functionalities and the second is preparing all the goods that need to go on “shelves and at the window display”. Shop functionalities will be programmed to allow client and user seamless communication and transactions - for the user’s basket, selecting the items, online transaction and payments, to check out, item stock control and delivery.

When everything is done and all the items uploaded it’s finding the best way for users to find your shop in the ocean of e-commerce (this is why you have to be different and have that something a bit special)

A few tips for good e-commerce shops:

  • clear design and layout of the web shop

  • be found in the ocean of similar online shops- be different, have that something special about your shop

  • secure online payment

  • create a safe & secure path for user to return /exchange info

  • don’t keep your buyers waiting

Developing online shops is fast becoming a neccessity in today’s modern fast paced lifestyle and as a result of the web opening up no boundary internet shopping.